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Bilal Fawaz


The Hux are proud to sponsor boxing sensation Bilal Fawaz.


Bilal has already overcome incredible diversity in his life. Born in Nigeria, he was illegally trafficked into the UK at the age of 14 and placed into modern slavery. After managing to escape from such circumstances, Fawaz was placed into care. At the age of 18, and no longer the responsibility of the care system, he had to apply for an extension to remain in the country, however he was refused. 


​Bilal began boxing in 2012 and took to it like a natural. At the age of 24, he remarkably won the England Boxing National Amateur Championships while also becoming an England international. After a traumatic period, Fawaz was finally given a 30-month right to stay in the UK in June 2020. Already a champion outside of the ring, he has big ambitions within the world of boxing – and The Hux are proud to sponsor him in his endeavours. 


We are delighted to be able to offer personal one-on-one fitness and training sessions with Bilal in Kensington Gardens, starting from £100ph.


If you are a fan of boxing, or just of the man himself, this is an unmissable opportunity!

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