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A master of his trade, Simone is a consummate perfectionist and his often somewhat serious demeanor has earned him the epithet of the ‘Italian Rottweiler’ – although he has been lobbying for the ‘Italian stallion’, which has been unilaterally refused! Whether it’s a traditional cocktail or a more avant-garde libation, he always delivers drinks that are bursting with flair, flavour – and a potent punch.

Hux Signature Cocktails


Pout With Patrick

This peacock is a basic bitch with a heart of gold. He’s got more Instagram followers than your favourite Kardashian and more charisma than all of them combined. He’s fancy and elegant but definitely not pretentious. You’ll be lucky to get a kiss from him!


Pingu’s Pride

This little guy seems quiet at first, however once he comes out of his shell you’ll be wishing he’d shut the f*ck up and let you get a word in edgeways. He’s loud and proud and could drink you under the table.


Smoked by Colonel Coke

This stunning zebra was cut down in her prime when she took a bullet to the chest, courtesy of Colonel Coke. She lived fast and died young so don’t forget to pour one out for our fallen homie before you leave.

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Swing with Michael

He hangs around in hotels, lurking in dark corners like the swinger he is. He’ll win you over with his sweetness but be warned, he’ll have moved on to his next target quicker than you can say ‘cheeky monkey’.


Fly High Loves Margaritas

This parrot is one seriously spicy mama. She’s definitely got more sass than sense but somehow still manages to establish herself as the 'mum friend' in any social situation. She is a true icon (and she knows it).


The Parrot One

Understated but not to be underestimated. Pingelou is effortlessly cool with his sultry looks and vibrant colours. Many years ago, he used to sail the high seas perched on the shoulders of an infamous pirate. Only the brave will ask him for his tales…