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Resident artisan and our good friend Tiberius Bartholomew is, as one might imagine, a bit of a mystery… maybe even an enigma. He does, after all, spend much of his time in his studio, locked away from the limelight.


When Tiberius isn’t working extremely hard however, you might find him at The Hux Bar trading verbal blows with Bar Manager Simone about life, the universe, and getting another drink!


What we do know about him though, is that he’s a fantastic taxidermist and is happy to take commissions from guests.


Please let us know if you would like to commission any taxidermy. All the animals in the images live here at The Hux, and they are all for sale… Just in case you happen to fall in love with one and want to take it home with you.

Parrot mounted on wall
Owl mounted on branch
Peacock with necklaces sitting on check in desk
Stuffed parrot on a branch
small stuffed monkey
White peacock with black necklace
Zebra head on plaque
stuffed black and white penguin
stuffed bright green parrot facing away from camera
Large giraffe mounted in hallway of Hux hotel
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